[M2000C] Próximes millores...


Més pesat que Kuban
12 Abril 2014
Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, Catalunya
Llista del que vindrà en el próxim update.... ;)

Hi all, here are the pending updates that you guys will see very soon, I'll move this to the title post as soon as the update is available to all of you:

Added autolock for CCM mode
Added custom DEFA gun with updated shell definitions
Added auto-start sequence
Added requirement to close FBW test cover after FBW test completed for DECOL to go outAdded functionality for Eclair podAdded PPA functionality (Still WIP)
Added Hide/Show Throttle and Stick keyboard and joystick commands
Added sound for brake handle and gear lever
Added sound for canopy control and movement
Added glow, reflection, bloom for police and refuel light
Added AOA warning parameters in AP mode
Added separate sound and warning logic for bingo fuel
Added DECOL warning logic (Take-off Authorization). Requires FBW test after engine start in addition to normal startup procedures
Added separate braking modes depending on situation (Max, Normal, Landing, Parking)
Added ability to load MagicII on inboard pylons
Added ability to load Matra Rockets on outboard pylons
Added brake light when brakes applied
Added animation and control for anemo (pitot-static) heat override switch
Added Anemo caution light when pitot heat disabled
Added gain light when pitot-static port frozen over
Added smoke release keybindAdded simple icing model
Added rate-limit on slip ballAdded motion to refuel light opening outUpdated fuel cutoff to enabled in cold startUpdated smokewinder usage logicUpdated PPA/PCA logic to be more stableUpdated hydraulic gauge
Updated lights for external model
Updated auto-start procedure for FBW test requirements
Updated various radar logic to be more correctUpdated takeoff/landing performance
Updated gear and rolling friction
Updated FBW control transition logic
Updated aerodynamic performance for more correct ITR/STR
Updated jamming handlingUpdated roll rate behaviorUpdated all missions to use custom defined missiles
Updated auto-start sequence
Updated HUD for safed gunUpdated all sounds to OGG for compatibility
Updated AOA warning parameters
Updated thrust at idle to sometimes cause roll on idle
Updated gear configuration to minimize gear shaking when rolling
Fixed TACAN REC mode not showing bearing in REC mode
Fixed VOR/ILS not turning off when switched OFF
Fixed ground power logic
Fixed radar for fake contacts
Fixed inconcistencies for sensor instrument values
Fixed hydraulic pressure checks on EFM side
Fixed pilot visor toggle not working
Fixed FBW spin on/off bad transition
Fixed AP altitude control oscillation
Fixed engine dial not showing 100% sometimes when it should
Fixed position of fuel crossfeed dial for aut-start and initial condition
Fixed ALT1 and ALT2 lights on with engine on and ground power until ground power pulled
Fixed many switch/dial inconsistencies
Fixed red warning sound
Fixed timing for yellow caution sound
Fixed limits on controls indicator
Fixed problem in FBW logic not going to correct values in full pitch down and right
Fixed cold start having wrong loadout
Fixed V and AV Fuel Lights should go out at same time (not sequentially)
Fixed AC power available at 45% (not 40%)
Fixed fuel tank empty lights remain on even with no power at all
Fixed reset FBW trim when AP mster or standby pressed
Fixed various radar issues
Fixed radar lock lost bugFixed radar STT lock bug
Fixed rarar STT azimuth and elevation range
Fixed HUD accel parameter to correctly show negative accel when landing
Fixed weapons stuck on empty wing when wing destroyed
Fixed ven switch logic issues to prevent start in VENT
Fixed RWR sound effects
Fixed some uninitialized variables
Fixed fuel dump allowing you it to stop, should dump until all external tanks empty once started
Fixed fuel controller issue when 100% RPM maintained causing bad pressure calculations
Removed usage of DCS built-in S530 and MagicII
Removed unnecessary redundant texture
Removed gear warning sound that does not exist (Limit warning sound WIP)