Mission Editor Script's Library (recull de Scripts)

Aquí us deixo un enllaç a un post als fòrums de ED on s'intenta recopilar scripts interessants per millorar l'experiència del joc.

Per exemple hi podreu trobar a dia de avui:

Air defense enhancements

Detection Script (Author: Mbot) More realistic visual detection for SHORAD systems. Date posted: 12-08-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Ground Controlled Intercept (Author: RagnarDa) Launches and diverts interceptors/fighters on aircrafts detected by radar (AWACS or EWR). Date posted: 08-21-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Integrated Air Defence System (Author: Grimes) Makes the SAMs and radar stations cooperate with each other to make life significantly more nasty for anything flying above. Date posted: 12-24-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6/1.2.7 beta

Smarter SAMs (Author: Prof_hilactic) Air defences with self-preservation. Will make the SAM operators try to evade incoming anti-radiation missiles by turning off their radars and moving a bit, as they would in real life. Date posted: 10-21-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Ground forces enhancements

Artillery Enhancement (Author: Mbot) Artillery groups will function much more independent and will for example evade and return counter barrages. Date posted: 06-23-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Dismounts Script (Author: Mbot) Adds infantry that dismounts and mounts ground vehicles like Armored Personnel Carriers or Infantry Vehicles or trucks etc. Date posted: 07-07-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Suppression Fire Script (Author: Mbot) Makes ground units suppressable by firing on them. Date posted: 12-13-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Helicopter missions

Anti-Submarine Warfare (Author: Mbot) Search for and destroy submerged submarines using sonobouys, torpedos and more. Date posted: 11-03-2013 DCS version 1.2.6

Complete Troops Transport Script (Author: geloxo) Pick up troops or logistics and transport them. Date posted: 07-12-2013 DCS version 1.2.5

Dynamic Extraction Team Spawning (Author Psyrixx) Transport a extraction team that will disembark from your helicopter and go pick up an objective. Date posted: 05-15-2013 - DCS version 1.2.5

Dynamic Medical Evacuation & Search And Rescue (Author: RagnarDa) Rescue the crew members of destroyed ground or air vehicles. Date posted: 01-05-2014 - DCS version 1.2.6/1.2.7 beta

Naval Rescue (Author: Mbot) Rescue the sailors on a burning boat. Included in a mission and not released separate. Date posted: 10-10-2013 DCS version 1.2.6

Land Rescue (Author: RagnarDa) Spawn people randomly over a given area and then you pick them up with a virtual winch. Keeps scores on who in a multiplayer match finds the most persons. Date posted: 10-09-2013 DCS version 1.2.6

Simple infantry transport (Author: RagnarDa) Pick up troops at a designated place using F10 radio menu, drop them off anywhere. Date posted: 05-13-2013 DCS version 1.2.4

Troop pickup/dropoff via radio command (Author: Deck) Transport infantry units. Date posted: 05-15-2013 - DCS version 1.2.5


BDU bomb practicing (Author: SNAFU) Practice bombing and rocket runs and tells you how near you hit. Date posted: 06-28-2013 - DCS version 1.2.5

Traning Range (Author: Cougar) Creates weapon ranges and keeps score for when the player hits targets. Date posted: 11-24-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6


Airborne Forward Air Controller (Author: SNAFU) Call in airstrikes by A.I. planes from your flying machine. Date posted: 08-29-2013 - DCS version 1.2.5

Auto-Script (Author: Raf) Simplifies the creation of missions with infinitely respawning units or spawning groups on command. Date posted: 11-23-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Capture The Flag (Author: RagnarDa) Classic multiplayer game style where two teams tries to steal the other teams flag and put it in their own base. Date posted: 10-21-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Casualty Counter (Author: BAntDit) Shows how many units have been destroyed in the mission. Date posted: 04-28-2013 - DCS version 1.2.4

Combat Search And Rescue/Slot blocking (Author: Baron) If a player is shot down, the client slot will be disabled until a CSAR picks up the pilot and returns him to an airport. Date posted: 08-06-2013 DCS version 1.2.5

Mission Scripting Tools (Author: Grimes and Speed) A convenient library with a set of functions to reduce time needed for developing scripts. Required by some of the scripts in this list. Date posted: 09-25-2013 - DCS version 1.2.6

Multiplayer Racing (Author: BB.) Create race courses to challenge your friends who is the fastest airman. Date posted: 01-05-2014 - DCS version 1.2.6/1.2.7 beta

Not scripts but related

Realistic Mission Editor Templates (Author: Stuka) Want to quickly place a Soviet Mechanized Infantry Battalion in your mission? Now you can. Date posted: 09-24-2013 - DCS version 1.2.5

Slmod (Author: Speed) A mod for multiplayer servers to add functionality like kicking/banning players and more. Date posted: 05-29-2013 - DCS version 1.2.4


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26 Desembre 2010
Confirmo que aquest post encara és vigent i l'autor el va ampliar.


Més pesat que Kuban
22 Abril 2014
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Només recordar-vos que tenim una conta al Github per les necessitats d'edició dels Cavallers del Cel. Git és una eina de control de canvis molt útil que et permet veure tots els canvis que s'han anat fent al fitxer (de text) des del principi i anar canviat de versions sense esforç. L'adreça és la següent: https://github.com/CavallersDelCel. Us animo a fer un repositori per les missions de DCS.

Si teniu cap pregunta m'ho feu saber.


Més pesat que Kuban
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Ho mirarem, però de moment no tenim res creat ni gairebé cap canvi.