[changelog M2000] 24/0616


Més pesat que Kuban
12 Abril 2014
Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, Catalunya
Nou changelog de l´actualització d´ahir per la openbeta, versió 1.5.4 que si tot va bé tindrem per el próxim divendres per la versió release. S´ens gira feina nois. La veritat és que no es pot negar que aquesta gent de Razbam s´ho estàn currant.

Salut i ales nois! :çseny:

Changelog for 2016-06-24

Flight Model:

Added FBW reset (just reset trim right now)
Added rudder trim paddle functionality
Added possible loss of LRF4 if over G for stores mode
Beginning of auto-stop sequence
Approach autopilot hold work
Added joystick/keyboard bindings
Added throttle limit movements for keyboard throttle control
Added all requirements for DECOL to go away to auto-start
Added force feedback gain tuning available in ForceFeedback.lua
Fixed: Don't cause control flutter below 90 knots and on ground
Fixed issue with forcing of symmetrical loadouts for wing tanks breaking old payloads and breaking default loadout definitions
Fix for delayed response in AOA limiter when returning stick to neutral after hitting AOA limit
Fixed drag for rocket pods
Fixed relaxed stability behavior, also fixed AOA limiter behavior in some cases as well as helped landing/takeoff behavior
Fixed auto-start warning for engine not in throttle off position
Fix for main fuel pumps requiring AC power
Fix for lag in pitch correction
Fix for sometime breaking nose gear when you shouldn't
Fix for AP when AOA > 18.0 not reducing pitch properly
Fix for initial AP bank limit not 60 degrees
Fix for AP response for altitude control
Fix for pitch control to maintain precision without being too sensitive
Fix for braking power when moving
Fixed CHARGES required for LRF4 rockets loaded
Fixed of heading mode change type while in AP mode causing aircraft to turn
Fixed sudden change of control authority causing control stutter when gear going down, now gradual change
Adjusted cockpit view for better TrackIR movement
Adjusted gear reaction for better braking power
Adjusted fuel flow schedule for more correct fuel economy
Adjusted minimum afterburner fuel flow
Tiny adjustment to nose gear
Gear adjustment for better takeoff/landing behavior
Update for wing being too efficient after relaxed stability update
Update for odd FBW behavior with high pitch rate and continuous pitch rate command through 300 knots not providing full authority
Updates to collision model and gear configuration to correct dynamic reaction behavior
Updated control indictor to show FBW yaw control
Improved filtering of sensed parameters to FBW model
Improvements for correct takeoff speeds
Improvement to auto-start reliability
Improved brake control
DECOL only shows up with both main and nose WOW
Increased length of bingo sound and bingo does not induce amber warning sound (has it's own)
Require both nose and main gear WOW for DECOL warning to work
Better air braking and ground effect modeling
Battery depletion bug fix
Reduced lag on rudder control
Autopilot now using flight path control instead of pitch control
Corrections to yaw control lag and authority
Increased roll AP responsiveness
FPM now on horizon when WOW
Wheel damage speed tolerance updated
Shell code for dynamic tire damage due to leaving parking brake on
Offset radalt to show 0 when on ground
Corrected brake mode logic
Gear should go up/down at same rate


Fixed being able to hear VOR/ILS morse code even when off or volume at 0
Fixed PCA issues with rocket pods
Fixed CTD with outboard rocket pods
Fixed Only DC power required for radios
Fixed PCA/PPA indicator not off in cold until battery cycle
Fixed PCA MAGIC selection bug
Fixed PPA default values & triggering bug fix
Fixed radar P symbology on the VTB reversed
Fixed Jettison: pylons disappear with selective (not with total)
Fixed radar doesn't preheat on the ground if switch on SIL or EM
Fixed radar continues to provide (some) guidance after being switched off
Fixed Some input commands not working
Fixed vertical elevation of radar is shifted down when locking
Fixed ECM logic (switches & lights)
Fixed rockets jettison (trunk)
Fixed Super 530D jettison: pylon
Fixed Electric system Red flood lighting should work with DC power only
Fixed radar is forced Off instead of P on the ground
Fixed Electric system VTH, VTB, PCA and PPA should not work on DC power only.
Fixed cockpit lightings & controls
Fixed Rockets Burst/Continuous fire mode
Fixed S-530D (PPA) Auto/Man
Fixed ECS COND now in correct initialization position
Fixed Flashing of FREIN when gear coming down
Fixed CROSS light when parachute deployed
Aircraft now kicks out of APP mode when weight on nose wheel
Added more community based key bindings
Initialization with cold has Pitot-Static heat to OFF
Initialization with cold has VOR/ILS and TACAN to OFF
Initialization with hot on ground has VTB to ON
Initialization with hot on ground has ECM and RWR to ON
Initialization with cold has ECM/RWR mode select to STANDBY
Initialization with hot on ground has Nav, Anti-Collision, and Landing Lights to ON
Initialization in all cases has ECM/RWR volume to 70%
Volume dial for ECM/RWR now driving volume of ECM/RWR sounds
Updated TACAN to allow channel 0 to 9
INS Mode Selector now in correct click direction
CDVE (FBW) Test switch now has 3 position switch logic
Added New CCM options
Added MAGIC Coolant management
Added 530D Prep and Stby
Added MAGIC Prep and Stby
Added Bomb fuzing
Added Bomb release.
Added Delay time for launching missiles
Added 530D Missile Selector functionality.
Added Auto STT when launching 530Ds in TWS.
Added 530Ds do not launch if there is no radar lock.
Added Guns burst/continuous fire.
Added Guns firing rate selector enabled.
Added Fixed outboard rocket pods HUD bug.
Added Salvo fire notification in HUD
Added Rockets TOT/PAR functionality
Added Rockets firing method.
Added Abort launch feature
Added INS update: bullseye selection.
Added INS Alignment update
Added INS Auxiliary Gyro Enabled
Added INS Damage
Added INS Data entry and validation (WiP)
Added INS Data entry (WiP)
Added INS Flightplan update (WiP TBT)
INS Drift Error (WiP)
INS Status and Keyboard lights update

Aircraft Particular Options enabled:

TOT/PAR default value
Rocket burst count
Laser code for GBUs (Not enabled)

Aircraft Special Options enabled

INS not requiring alingment
Disabling gyro drift for INS

External and Cockpit Models:

Removed duplicated Ada Chambreis livery
Fixed police light missing halo + lightened zone to enhance
Rudder trim paddle clickable (rudder trim control needs tuning still)
Trim mode dial clickable and texture fixed for secondary mode
Trim secondary mode stick animated
Trim hat on stick animated in normal mode